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wowzers, what a fucking shit storm.

we got to the shop on tuesday to find that someone had taken all the money from downstairs, as well as emptying out the cash tin of beating arts, nicking their laptop, and ignoring my money to take the laptop from underneath a pile of books at the back of a drawer which doesn't open fully.

The police were baffled, all of us were. we had no idea how they'd got in or out. the scene of crime officer came out, and i showed him around. the cellar was looking very tidy when i went downstairs, but i put that down to the new tenants tidying up.

Today Shell phoned and asked me if I'd tidied the cellar. No one else in the shop had. Shell then dropped the bombshell that she found a blanket downstairs, and a cardigan soaked in piss, as well as a load of empty coffee cups and mcdonalds cartons. The cellar has been tidied, and mannequins have been put in weird positions like they're on a chat show.

Some fucker has been living in our basement. I feel sick thinking about it.

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it's v v quiet here on LJ - so here's a meme i yoinked from a few people to get back into the swing of things

A - Age: 35 - fuck me

B - Bed size: 3/4 - well it's bigger than a single, but not a double, so is that a 1 and a 1/2?

C - Chore you hate: cleaning in general

D - Don't eat: Sprouts.

E - Essential start-your-day item: COFFEE

F - Favourite board game: Cluedo.

G - Gold or Silver: Silver.

H - Height: 5ft 6

I - Instruments you play: None.

J - Job title: Artsy fartsy rambler.

K - Kid(s): None.

L - Love or lust: at my age, love

M - Mum's name: Freda.

N - Nicknames: Pesky, Clo, Clux, Closephine, Baggins, Clobogs, Smithers - depending on who's talking to me.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: 10 weeks in traction when I broke my femur at age 8.

P - Pants or pantyhose: Leggings.

Q - Favourite Movie Quote:

R - Right or left handed: Right.

- Siblings: 2 - Elliot, 39, Dean, 37

T - Time you wake up: any time between 5 and 11 am, depending on if I slept

- Underwear: black pants with holes in them - I need new ones

- Vegetable favourite: spinach and broccoli.

- Ways you run late: It would ALWAYS be someone else causing me to run late. I run WAY too early .

- X-rays you've had: Teeth, leg, ankle.

- Yummy food you make: Key Lime pie,

- Zoo favourite: Chimps or any other primates


Oxford by peskychloe
Oxford a photo by peskychloe on Flickr.

Ian has brought us to a hotel which used to be a prison. It's awesome.
The bathroom is enormous and everything is prison related - fave bit
is the wine list aka 'Contraband'

before I send this, what do you think of this email to my tutor

Hey Sue
I'm emailing because I'm finding this hard to deal with or talk about on the phone, as I can't say what I really think. I have been saying for months I am not planning on coming back to college, and every time I speak to you, you manage to make everything sound reasonable and talk me round.
I've tried calling the finance department, but there is no reason for them to give me free tuition, and I don't think they ever will.
I'm also extremely unhappy about having to lie or bend the truth about my college going. I haven't been since the day I enrolled, which I only did as you asked me to, and I don't like having on record that I have been when I haven't. I also feel that Ian's disability is being used as a reason to keep me on the books, which I'm very uncomfortable about.
I appreciate the help I got at college last year - my course for the year was paid for as I was on Employment Support Allowance for my mental health, and I got my AS level. However, I already have a degree, and have no real need to finish my access course, as I don't plan on doing any more further education. I have not got anything for nothing out of the college, and I do not want to have to deal with getting bills every month any more, and being told I must pay as I have been attending, when I haven't.
My self-employment is going very well, and I really don't need the hassle of ringing admissions and finance when I have no real desire to get the course for free, as I do not need the course. It seems the only reason for me continuing to be on the enrollment is for your numbers, which is unfair to me.
I did not sleep last night worrying about having to lie to official people, and this is what made me realise how unreasonable this situation is. I don't like telling white lies, especially not when I'm not getting any benefit from them. I know we talked 'off the record' which just makes me feel even more uncomfortable - I feel like I'm being manipulated, when I'm sure that is not what you are trying to do.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I certainly understand your situation, and I would hate the two year access course to get scrapped as it's a wonderful thing. I'll defend to the hilt the right for people to choose a one year or two year course. However, I cannot defend the course by lying to the finance department and giving myself more work in the form of essays and so on. I just cannot allow my mental health to suffer for the sake of the access course when it's on shaky ground already.
If you could gather together my work from last year, I will ask Claudia to pick it up and bring it out of your way. I believe there are some sketchbooks for your course and Val's in my drawer in the classroom, and a few paintings from Val's course, but all my 3D work is at home.
Thank you

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my college tutor is making me feel very uncomfortable. I told her in august i didn't want to come back to college, and she begged me to rethink. i tried to go to college and had a panic attack. I've since become far too busy at the shop to even think about college.

however, i keep getting invoices, and emails from her asking me to keep in touch if i'm planning to continue on the course. i keep telling her i'm not. I kept getting invoices, so i rang them and said i wasn't paying as i hadn't been into college this year.

so last week she phoned me and asked me to kick up a fuss with the admissions department about my fees, because she wants me to finish the course, even though i don't want to pay for it. she needs to keep bums on seats or the course won't be continued next year.

it turns out she's been marking me as 'authorised abscence' since september, telling people i'm not able to go in because IAN is ill. this means i'm still technically going to have to pay for the course as they think i've been there even though i haven't. she also told me that all this is off the record and i shouldn't tell anyone. if i do tell anyone, she'll know it's me who's told them as she told me to keep it to myself.

ian's benefits don't qualify me for free tuition, and my self-employment doesn't either. also, i'm not getting any teaching, so why should i pay just because she's lied?

don't get me wrong - i appreciate the help they gave me last year with my confidence, and i had a great year (until the end) and got a good A level result. but they got paid for that year because i was on Employment Support allowance, so I've not got any education for free. i also don't really need this access qualification - i'm self-employed, and already have a degree.

I don't feel right lying just so the course doesn't get finished.


This is our christmas card this year. We couldn't afford to print as many as we wanted, so this is to wish everyone a happy christmas who I haven't been able to send a card to, and to show everyone who hasn't got one of these cards - it doesn't mean you're not special, we just ran out of them quickly after family and people who don't have facebook.