Pesky Clo (pesky33) wrote,
Pesky Clo

wowzers, what a fucking shit storm.

we got to the shop on tuesday to find that someone had taken all the money from downstairs, as well as emptying out the cash tin of beating arts, nicking their laptop, and ignoring my money to take the laptop from underneath a pile of books at the back of a drawer which doesn't open fully.

The police were baffled, all of us were. we had no idea how they'd got in or out. the scene of crime officer came out, and i showed him around. the cellar was looking very tidy when i went downstairs, but i put that down to the new tenants tidying up.

Today Shell phoned and asked me if I'd tidied the cellar. No one else in the shop had. Shell then dropped the bombshell that she found a blanket downstairs, and a cardigan soaked in piss, as well as a load of empty coffee cups and mcdonalds cartons. The cellar has been tidied, and mannequins have been put in weird positions like they're on a chat show.

Some fucker has been living in our basement. I feel sick thinking about it.
Tags: shop
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