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I'm not often bitchy, especially not about what people have made, drawn, like etc But crystal from college, who i've mentioned a few times recently, is really gripping my shit today (tm fiona for the phrase)

So, I'm just going to be a cow about her, so i feel better.

So when we were doing our exam, she asked to see my sketchbook cause she didn't understand referencing. I'd referenced Coraline, because of the button eyes. She said she didn't realise you could reference films. So then she used Coraline as a reference, even though her work was on astrology. Here's a sketch from her work.

Then she saw a hello kitty bracelet i made. I'm not the first person to ever make one, i know, but bear with me. She asked if she could buy it, so I said she could have it for a fiver instead of £6 as i know her from college. She then ignored me. two weeks later, I found this photo on her facebook

Finally, yesterday she asked me if i'd heard from susan. I'd also have 3 other people asking me when college was and i'm getting sick of it, so i made a status update saying

"just wants to say, to make things easier for everyone, she hasn't heard from Susan, doesn't know when college starts, and doesn't know when we have to go and register ;)"

it's half serious, and half just having a joke (obviously, there's a wink)

I then had this conversation with crystal

"Crystal - well u are sapose to be like the teachers..first mate or summit arent;)>>and its because ur so on top of stuff babes.. x

Crystal - I sent susan a text ne way

Chloe McGenn - LOL AT TEACHER'S FIRST MATE - i sound like a pirate

Crystal - that is what i was going for..tell u what i wont ask again..i have been asked as well and dont mind helping out if i can."

Passive aggressive much??

So let's all have a massive laugh at her drawing of Robert Pattinson

Christ, that really is the bitchiest I ever am. I think she deserves it though.

p.s can i just add - notice how she signs EVERY drawing - she does this at college as well in case anyone steals her stuff. Oh the irony
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