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weekend with elliot and children

smith 146

This is the hat ian got me for christmas. he bought two, without realising one was for children. we gave maddie the other one (we'd been hanging onto it to give it to joel, but he'll still get it anyway) and she wore it straightaway until it fell off when she climbed on elliot.

nicola had to stay at home because of the electric failing. I haven't seen her in ages!

joel is walking and growling all the time now. he's very cute indeed. he's really taken with ian, and hasn't worked out yet that ian can't take things out of his hands, and keeps on trying to give toys to him. we taught him to balance them on his leg instead.

smith 118

elliot and joel - he asked for photos of them together

smith 159

then maddie made up a game where she kept going and putting different hats and stuff on, and then coming out and we had to guess what she was. my favourite one was when she had on a tie, sunglasses and a blue wig, and was so annoyed we couldn't guess what she was. she kept saying 'it's so obvious!!' - turned out she was just being 'a man'. her face in some of these photos cracks me up

smith 135

smith 129

smith 127

smith 133

smith 141

smith 147

smith 160

smith 179

This is her dressed as a man...

Our living room always looks like this eventually - ie children climbing all over elliot

smith 233

After that, maddie and I made candles for nicola. she loves making stuff, and is so calm and grown-up. look at the concentration in her face as shes putting the wicks in

smith 251

smith 252

smith 253

At the end of a long day we curled up under the slanket and watched Willy Wonka. at the end, i asked maddie if she enjoyed it, and she said 'you know what, i did, and i'd like to watch it again. i think i'll buy it. i happen to have £10 of my christmas money left' - i love how she talks...

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