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Harley had to be put down today. He's been losing weight, and looking scraggy and old. I had to convince Ian he needed to go to the vet, cause Ian just kept saying he's feral and he's old.

The vet was pretty astonished by him. He was really emaciated, and had absolutely no flesh on his bones. She said he was really dehydrated as well, and she suspected it was his kidneys. Then she looked at his teeth and they were all infected. Then when she looked at his eyes, she said he had cataracts forming, and therefore it was very likely to be kidney failure.

We had to decide to put him down, but it was tricky cause he isn't really ours. She couldn't do it without me in the room, because he had really sharp claws and very long legs, and just kept scratching us, so i held him still wrapped in a towel, another nurse held his face, and the vet did the business. When she shaved his leg, it looked exactly like a chicken drumstick. She only had to use a tiny amount of the stuff in the syringe.

He looked really peaceful and was still warm, so I stroked him while she looked at the rest of him. She said his ears looked yellow and that she thought he was jaundiced, and felt his liver - he had a massive tumour on his liver as well, which she let me feel. There was absolutely nothing they could have done for him.

We're getting his ashes in a casket with his name on it for Penny. Not looking forward to telling her at all.

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