Pesky Clo (pesky33) wrote,
Pesky Clo

hairclips for those that asked to buy them!

ALL PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE - you can see more pictures of each item by clicking on the link and looking at them on etsy - this isn't an advert for selling on etsy! I will remove from etsy as it's cheaper to buy direct from me.

These lipgloss accessories are made to answer that age old dilemma 'WHERE HAVE I PUT MY LIPGLOSS??' Now you'll know, because it's either attached to your hair, or wherever you choose to pin the rosette!


Cream tart - £5 (slightly cheaper as the back isn't as neat) LINK TO ETSY

Chocolate Sprinkle - £6 LINK TO ETSY


Chocolate cream - £5 LINK TO ETSY

Very Berry 1 - £6 LINK TO ETSY

raspberry tart 1 - £6 LINK TO ETSY

raspberry tart 2 - £6 LINK TO ETSY

strawberry tart - £6 LINK TO ETSY

cream tart - £6 LINK TO ETSY

very berry 2 - £6 LINK TO ETSY


Hippo ballerina hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

Lying down hippo hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

Dino hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

gnome hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

sylvester hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

flower hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

sunbathing elephant hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

red pucca hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

orange pucca hairclip - £3 LINK TO ETSY

2 pucca hairclips - £3 LINK TO ETSY

2 cherry hairclips - £2 LINK TO ETSY

2 orange hairclips - £2 LINK TO ETSY

2 pink hairclips - £2 LINK TO ETSY

2 cupcake hairclips - £3 LINK TO ETSY

2 cookie hairclips - £2 LINK TO ETSY

2 battenburg hairclips - £2 LINK TO ETSY

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