Pesky Clo (pesky33) wrote,
Pesky Clo

some new paintings!

Being snowed in has its uses. These are all on etsy, and I'm trying to sell them to save up for my octopus tattoo - yes, Dave's studio is finally open.

Funny Little Dog

This funny little shiny dog was in a book, and I just had to paint him. Bless.

Tall thin Tiddles

Found this tall thin canvas, and it just seemed to fit this photo of tiddles I had of her looking very superior.

Peaceful Cat

This is one of those massive canvases I had, and is another photo of tiddles sleeping

Happy Kokeshi

And then this morning I decided to paint a kokeshi doll - this is based on one I had given to me which is actually Japanese as opposed to one of the momiji dolls i've collected

I love being snowed in...

Everything I still have for sale is also in this set, just in case you're looking for anything
Tags: paintings, sales
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