Pesky Clo (pesky33) wrote,
Pesky Clo

i'm knackered. my week and a bit of being busy has killed me. bleurgh

here's some photos - i'm out of touch with my friends list, partly cause i've been busy, but partly cause it's a pain in the arse to read on my iphone - my kingdom for a live journal app on the iphone (if there is one, please tell me, and not 'shozu' cause there's no way to see your friends page

august 002

Simon being a sop

august 009

i really like this photo! you don't get enough grumpy baby photos

august 026

this beautiful water garden...

august 031

...defiled by Simon

august 037

that's charlotte - she's 3 and a half - she's soooo tall, the height of a 5 year old. she has a lovely cheeky grin, but wasn't into posing when i had the camera out, and then i forgot later

august 040

elizabeth - very quiet really, just wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep again

just so i interact... what picture do you want to have as your contact picture on my phone? what ringtone?

Tags: babies, photos
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