Pesky Clo (pesky33) wrote,
Pesky Clo

katie and paul visit

hiltons 002

  hiltons 003

Tilly wearing the cat mask and ears - she thought it was hilarious when she took the mask off and said 'It's me!' (like Alan Carr in the sunday night project when he lifts his glasses and says 'It's me, alan!')

hiltons 010

Tilly always pulls this face when you ask her to smile - also, the toy box in the background is completely empty cause every toy was on the floor

hiltons 005

Phoebe and me - look at her hair! it won't stick down at all, it's awesome

hiltons 008

That bib is a bandana bib as well, cause she's a slightly sicky baby, often hours after she's eaten. she's a very strong thing though, and wriggles around all the time  

Tags: katie and paul rock, phoebe, photos, tilly
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