November 19th, 2010

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"Girly lip dangle charm for purse or trousers..whatever you want...lip sticks..sparkle lip charms..3d lips..diff colours and the upper 3d lipstick in the middle is a Tomas Sim.. Charm. This is a good deal...I paid this price for the silver lip charms alone...:)
9.45 free shipping"

1. do you mean thomas sabo?
2. you were ripped off for those lip charms

latest shop plans

I'm going to keep the whole shop, and have it as the country's largest independent only jewellery shop. Going to offer a space to indie jewellery people around leeds for £5 and they have to work 2 hours a week. should be able to get in 10 people, which covers the rent, and should make 20 hours of manpower so i don't have to work all the time.

I think this could be something amazing, like an independent Goldsmiths or something. Hopefully I can have some sale or return stuff from online people as well (taking commission) I'd keep my half of the shop with stationery, toys, cards and stuff, and a bit of jewellery, so it's kind of like a one stop gift shop.

What do you think?