November 18th, 2010

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email from tiff

"Hi Chloe,

Hope you are ok. I do also hope that life at The Yard is good for you."

would be better if i wasn't having to sell your stock and work 6 days a week, but whatever.

"Thank you again for the help with it all."

like i had a choice

"If the bills are now paid and your over heads are covered do you want me to arrange for a driver to come and take my stuff away."


"James was awfully disappointed to lose so much stock but he also understood that this was the only and best way to cover the expenses."

maybe he should have come and worked those three days a week for the month's notice you had to give - oh hang on, he couldn't cause i just found out he's been doing community service for glassing someone in the face

"I lost account of how much I owed Michelle as I seemed to have financial burdens all over the place and did not know where to start."

well, michelle didn't know either, so she just took a load of furniture and mannequins, and all the money i made

"I am still sorry it may seem as if I just ran away but I have tried to handle this as graciously as I can, bearing in mind my health did not allow me to do anything like what I wanted to acheive. I just broke down. And I felt embarrassed that I was not in control."


"I now have an accountant and have to account for everything I do, where my stock has gone and how I have paid my rent to The Yard etc. This is good, as I can see on paper where I have gone wrong and how I can make things right for the future. So would Michelle mind sending me a breakdown of what got sold and for how much. A lot of people have already contacted me to say they are pleased with their wares etc, so that is positive both for myself and The Yard. And I do hope that by selling via The Yard, although it made a lot of work for you, it did spread the Brand more so than if I sold it from home, online."

oh and sorry? you want to know how much you've made, and where it's gone? well michelle has had it all, except what i've used to pay staff. oh yeah and also the other people in the shop have been taking your stock without me knowing, so i haven't got any idea where that is

"Also if you could let me know if any of the Mannequins sold. I do know what is in the shop etc."

is that a threat?

"Chloe you must take funds from the sales to cover your hard work, I am hoping you have already done that."

don't you worry love, i fucking have

"I cannot thank you enough. I do not know what I would have done without you. And I do miss you."

you'd have had the bailiffs round. i don't miss you.

"Please let me know what would be easiest for both you and Shell. I can arrange a Collection for next week?"

easiest? never seeing you again, so just fuck off