November 5th, 2010


so i agreed to go into this shop with tiff. we both have contracts with michelle, so we weren't going into business together. in fact every time tiff told anyone we were business partners, i corrected her. I told her i wanted to keep my own brand, shop name, etc.

two weeks ago i moved in. she bought us breakfast, she was excited. she's done nothing but plug the shop since. before i moved in she asked me to make sure it was what i wanted, and i promised to stay for 3 months. we both decided to trial it for 3 months

two weeks later, the day after a head injury when i'm concussed, and looking after ian for ten days, she tells me she wants out. she's got shingles, and me being hit on the head is apparently the last straw.

now, i can stay where i am, but it's double the rent, and i'd have to work 6 days, exactly the reason for shop share. i loved the shop, and now i hate it. i feel betrayed, hurt and emotional. maybe it's because i'm concussed. i feel like an idiot. she's ignoring everyone trying to ring her, and except for a post on facebook saying she has shingles, to which everyone is being very understanding, she's gone silent.

i haven't been nasty. not as nasty as i feel, because it's raw and i don't want it to get nasty. but i'm pissed off. she's in debt, which is why she wanted a shop share. she knew i had this week when i had to look after ian because as soon as i said i'd move in i told her about it. why couldn't she wait?

things just look so bleak. i feel winded, disappointed, like a failure. for fuck's sake