October 16th, 2010

haw haw!

you know that picture of angelina jolie in a t-shirt with the Eye-dia logo? well, crystal has decided she likes it so much, she's put in on her business cards. OH HOW I LOLLED

If you want to see her website, it's up and running now as well. AND BOY IS IT COVERED IN FLASHING GLITTER - it's like a best/worst website, even though she actually likes it


Fave quote - "It is as big as seen in the picture"

OH YES WHILE I AM HERE i have a new website under construction - if you want to have a look it is here - http://lbc.fancypantscreative.com/ - I'm liking the clean-ness of it already, everything is really well laid out, while retaining a bit of pesky charm. Any comments before it's finally published will be gratefully received though.