September 26th, 2010

medical review

I went to see the practice nurse to have a medication review, and she decided to do a full health check because i'm a carer.

my blood pressure is ridiculously high for my age. this is due to my medication, me giving up smoking, and overeating (as most people do when they stop smoking) alternating with me forgetting to eat, and sitting still to paint and make stuff instead of walking and running, and therefore putting back on a lot of weight. she also said me being so busy probably doesn't help.

The nurse actually told me not to give up smoking. she said i'm stressing myself out too much about smoking, and that she's worried about my blood pressure, doesn't want to put me on more meds, and wants me to lose weight before giving up smoking. she said my weight being on the chart as morbidly obese is more of an issue than smoking 3 low tar cigarettes a day. i tend to agree, but hadn't really thought about it

I wish i never started smoking, but there was a need and an urge, and it helps. i think when i go back in a month i'm going to ask to be referred back to the mental health team, cause my addictive personality is a bit of a pain in the arse.