September 23rd, 2010

crystal - me being a bitch again

every good jeweller knows how to write good copy

"This is an option for the bracelet to have a necklass with it to match. The necklass is thin chain but it is 100% stirling silver and it shows in the shine. It is 12 inches for childs neck as well and can be adjusted by me if needed. The set can be bought together if chose for only 8.99. The bracelet alone is 5.99 and the necklass is 2.99. Thank you:)"

also, am i the only person to notice that buying it as a set is more expensive than buying it separately?

"This bracelet has been made custom for a 4 year old little girl:)..butterflys, colours on silver durable chain with pretty clear shiny beads. Silver heart dangle charms as well. So cute and should not break as easy as your average bracelet you can get of a child this age as it is on a chain and clasp at back. This has been requested. I can see this at a bargan deal at 5.99 with free shipping world wide. If there is something else you had in mind let me know. I can make more of these as well with different colour butterflys for anyone. Any size. Thank you:)"

see? there's nothing wrong with the jewellery as such, but the copy underneath is the ramblings of a lunatic surely? and how the fuck can you spell necklace wrong at the age of 30?

and the first person who can tell me what the following sentence means will win a prize

"length of jane to go with pendant so that it fits just above another peice of jewelry"