August 24th, 2010


still awol, but you know, good things going on
Failbook is where to find me. everyone from the shop is one there, and it's the best way to advertise at the minute, much as i hate it
Although, hilariously, being on FB i get annoyed at crystal, the american girl. she got a D at AS level, and is blaming the fact that we get marked by a grade curve. she's convinced they don't mark like this in america, despite me telling her more than once it's the fairest way to mark. She got a D because she can't draw and didn't do any research - this isn't me being harsh, AM can't draw and she got a D as well - it's just the truth. Crystal also thinks it's a 3D a level - i can't be bothered to correct her again
Oh for anyone not on FB - I GOT AN A - this is because of my extreme research skills and 3D work rather than drawing. I'm not being arrogant when i say i deserve it for all the work - i am annoyed by crystal being bitter and saying it's only because i already have an A level
Oh the studio is great - it's not separated yet, but we're excited about working together in the same place. The shop is also ace, and I now have 4 shops stocking items from me. It's a bit hard keeping track, but I'm working hard too