July 27th, 2010

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Just got a message through facebook from someone else in the shop
They've asked me not to sell my charm bracelets, because they're similar to hers, they're her best seller, and mine are cheaper
Feel a bit annoyed, but she had her unit there first, and it's an actual unit and not just a cabinet

*edit to add message*
"hi chloe......r u looking forward to opening on sat? think were going for a drink afterwards to celebrate.
just been looking at some of ur stock and wondered if u were gona b selling alot of charm bracellets, some look a bit like the charms i use thats all n they are one of my biggest sellers......but more expensive than ur selling them for. please dont take this message in a bad way, i just want us all to be successful and work as a team and i love the items uv got cant wait to c them, its just like u said i dnt want to b steppin on any toes like u. sarah x"

I see I've added my own spin, and she didn't ask me not to sell them at all - that's just how i read it - still unsure what to do though