July 21st, 2010

Bird's Yard

So I went to the new shop yesterday. It is ace. I am so bloody excited. The shop itself is a bit like Affleck's Palace in Manchester, or like the Corn Exchange used to be when it was good. There are booths downstairs, and then little units set out upstairs. I WANT A UNIT SO BADLY

I get a little space just for me, for which I pay £25 a week. BUT commission is only 10% - everywhere else i looked at was between zero and £20 rent, but 25% commission, and at least 30 minutes drive away, so i worked out with petrol and everything, the one in the centre of Leeds is the best option. The woman is also very business-minded - she chose the position because it's outside the Megabus bus stop, and she's planning on advertising us as a sort of last minute gift and card shop at first, for people who arrive in Leeds and need an unusual gift etc for the people they're visiting, or a last minute dress for a big night out etc.

I've got a 3 month contract, and if that goes well, I'm definitely renting a unit - it's only £50 a week including business rates, and is MASSIVE - she even said we can stock things from other people, so I may well be interested in stocking handmade stuff from my online friends.