July 19th, 2010

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tomatorama - today I met Mildred - she's like your long lost sister or something.

We started on the Museum of Lies, and we were trying to work out who the mannequin looked like. She said she thought the bloke from Sparks, but couldn't remember his name - turns out we now have a Ron Mael exhibit, for which I want Cakey to write the information.

My included exhibits are my 'Shooting Gallery', 'Mini Museum', 'One-Eye' and 'Spy Case' - Mildred was as excited by my work as I got whilst making it. I think most other items are actually found objects, although I think someone else is making something too.

Also in the museum is a memorial to Pauline Quirk, including Ms Quirk's actual armchair, a book about budgies from the 1950s which is actually code for dogging sites, a dog shaped lamp inside a bird cage, a puddle on the floor into which Cordelia from Buffy has been drowned, and some bottles of various stuff including poison, smallpox and someone's spirit caught in one.

The launch night is also the album launch for Mildred's band's third CD, which contains a song called 'Museum of Lies' to tie it all in. Who wants to come - Cakey will you be my date?

How come this person lives in Leeds and I haven't come into contact with her yet? She's awesome.

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