July 18th, 2010

Drig Fun Day

Wasn't sure I'd be well enough, but as I'd already paid, and I had sorted everything out to take, I went. The weather looked shit, but I knew I was indoors, so wasn't worried.

Last year at the fun day, all the craft stalls were inside the meeting hall, and I was outside on my own with the majorettes and local theatre groups and charities. I was a bit annoyed, because i didn't know there was a choice. Also when ian came to sit with me (cause i was close to tears) we had trouble getting him across the grass. So this year I asked Jane if I could be indoors, mainly as we had trouble getting ian across the grass, but also I was thinking i wanted to be with the other crafty types.

So i got there, and the meeting hall was set out with tables and chairs like a cafe, with long tables covered in sandwiches and cakes. I asked where the stalls were, and a woman said 'oh are you chloe, yes this is your table' - so i was inside the meeting hall, but i was the only stall.

Couldn't decide if this was good or bad - yes, i was inside, and people would come in out of the rain, but then again, outside was absolutely packed with people, lots of them were buying hot food from a van or ice creams from a van, and not actually coming in and getting a sandwich and a cup of tea.

as it was, it was really quiet - after an hour one little girl had looked at my stall, bought a keyring, and then wanted a refund because she didn't have enough money now to buy dinner (i gave her a refund, but i was a bit furious, cause it was only 50p and she had £5) I was close to tears again, so I rang Ian and asked him to come and sit with me even though he'd been feeling shitty yesterday morning. Just after 12, a woman came in - she didn't realise she might need a gazebo and had only brought a garden parasol and a pasting table and all her greeting cards kept blowing all over the moor. So there were two stalls, me (with my cards and jewellery) and her, with her much more intricate cards.

A few people also walked in to get a drink, and went 'oh not more stalls!', so even the people who were coming in didn't want more stalls, and a lot of children had already spent all their pocket money, so I didn't even get rid of all the lucky dips (which were 50p and i was hoping to give it all to Ovacome)

Luckily, the little girl who came last year (and told me my stall was the best one and made me cry cause i was so happy) turned up with her mum at about 4pm just as we were wondering whether to go home. her mum said 'oh thank goodness! she's been looking for you all day and was really disappointed you weren't here! we didn't know there were stalls inside' (which says it all really) - she ended up spending £5 on a bag full of stuff. having everything at 50p worked really well, because if people were picking stuff up and were unsure whether to get it, they were buying it, because it was only 50p.

so it was a mixed day really. very quiet, but we took about £30, which is quite incredible bearing in mind everything was 50p - BUT the table cost me £15, and ian's taxi was £13.... and i sold 2 paintings and 3 toys for 50p each.