July 15th, 2010

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New stuff including some charm bracelets featuring toy story aliens, the cookie monster, hello kitty and kitsch bubblegum charms
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I'm getting really annoyed with this Raoul Moat thing - I completely understand why people want to grieve for him, if they knew him personally. But I don't agree with this stuff about the system failing him and that's why he did it - and I despair at the stuff where people have the wrong end of the stick and are saying the police killed him with a taser.

Does anyone get the idea that someone around the world has picked up on the story, and we're getting a UK bashing (partly cause of the BP thing)? You know, "the English system failed him, he went to prison and he was innocent, and then he went on the run and the police killed him even though he was mentally ill" sort of thing? The NHS didn't fail him; he didn't show up for his appointment. He was obviously mentally unstable, but he was surely psychotic rather than anything else.

I've got lots of friends on LJ who have mental health problems and have struggled getting them sorted. If any one of them did what Moat did and it ended up like him, I'd have sympathy, of course, but I'd still think they were psychotic, and I would still think the police did a bloody good job containing the attacks as they did. Think what you like about the police, Moat said he was going on a killing spree, and he ended up killing one, and injuring two. It could have been a hell of a lot worse.

I've had trouble with my mental health, and at one point I was annoyed with the NHS - in the end, they did right by me, and I'm so glad they did. BUT at the end of the day, if I'd taken a gun and shot someone, I wouldn't expect any sympathy if I then turned the gun on myself. I also wouldn't want other people blaming the NHS or social services for my actions.

It's stuff like this that makes me despair of some of the country - we had someone out doing something with Ian's telly, and he said the job before us was someone who called him out because their telly wasn't working. He walked in and saw the standby light was on, so the first thing he did was change the remote batteries. Wouldn't that be the first thing you did before calling someone out?