July 10th, 2010

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i was wondering why i was overdrawn, when i'm carefully doing my books at all times, even if someone just gives me 50p for a card. so i checked my stuff from the DWP

on may 17th, the job centre asked me to send in bank statements, cashbook and bookings to show i'm working for myself. i did so within the time frame. it said it was due by 4th june, and i sent it on 19th may. i assumed they received it as they didn't ask again.

are they allowed to just completely stop my self employment credit with absolutely no warning?

i checked the letter and they didn't ask me to go to the job centre, or ring them (except if i had any questions, which i didn't) and yet my last payment was june 11th. i was supposed to get it for 12 weeks, and it's only been 7

Am I mad, or have i actually been working my arse off as a self-employed artist? i need some reassurance that i'm not fooling myself here.