July 8th, 2010

New things - Thursday

Attempting to get myself organised, I am now collecting everything I make in a week, then photographing and mounting it on a wednesday, putting it here thursday and putting it on tsuk on friday. I was getting fed up with photographing 3 things, and then having people keep asking me to combine stuff (which is absolutely fine of course, i was just getting confused). I also like to think if people get used to seeing new stuff every friday, i might get repeat custom. who knows.

Under here is everything i've been making with my new presentation method, stolen in part from a man we met at the last pannier market.

Next I need to do some owl paintings for dont_letme_fade  and then a cat painting for roarimarobot , then I have 2 toys I need to make for people at the pannier market in august. This is what I mean - I have regular customers at the pannier market now, so I'd like to try and get the same thing going online.

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