July 6th, 2010

photo post

Friday I helped to translate a map of west leeds onto huge lining paper at Lou's studio. She said I was helpful, but I didn't really feel like i did anything. She bought me lunch, gave me loads of advice, and was an absolute hoot. Pleasure was all mine obviously.

Had elliot and family over at the weekend. I know i'm biased, but they're lovely kids. we went to elsecar (@sullen_hearts  finally! it was awesome, i want to go again with you!) and went on a train. it was just like the Hogwarts Express due to the sliding doors and long corridors (which I got a bit obsessed with photographing)

Picked up my paintings from the market, no luck there, and worked in the tattoo shop - i've been given some henna to try and do - we keep getting people asking for henna tattoos and piercing, so Nini (the other apprentice) is going to learn piercing and i'm learning how to use henna. Photos, no doubt, will follow, either to show off, or for the LOLZ at how crap it is

july 081

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