June 29th, 2010

by the way...

My brother released his album. In all the self-employed excitement and scholarship amazement, I forgot about Elliot's news

Good news is it's free to download - I have no idea what it sounds like, as I'm still downloading it. It's not guitars though; the idea behind it is it cost absolutely no money to make as he used all open source software and sounds, so he's not selling it either

Download it for free here

re-purposing experiments

Claudia gave me some ceramic paints and tiles she found while clearing out. I tested them out on a spotty mug, and then made the tiles into trivets. I also found a plant pot, so I decorated it with a cupcake I made from felt. I also re-purposed a broken cup and saucer into a small cakestand. Finally I made an owl picture - Bel, no pressure if you don't like it, I was making it for an example for my portfolio anyway, and as I was making it, it seemed like a Lily :)

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