June 23rd, 2010

Another raffle

My mate redfi has posted this on her journal - she's such a loving giving person, I want to help her out.

"We have 3 kids, one 16, one nearly 13 and the youngest who is 10.
All 3 have been to our local primary, The Bluecoat School ,
It's a small school, wonderfully run and our kids have loved it, our youngest is just coming to the end of Yr5.
For the past two years and 3 months, our kids and their classmates have been fundraising in every possible way to gather money for a sunshade on the playground. There are two children at the school who suffer from XP so shade is essential. Each sunshade was custom made and cost £1900. We raised enough money over the two years of car washing, bag packing, sponsored EVERYTHING to have two built. They looked gorgeous and were our pride.
Until Monday night when someone broke into our schgool and slashed them both up to pieces. There was nothing but scraps of material left blowing across the playground. Our headmaster actually cried, and the kids are heartbroken.
Obviously we've informed the police, but don't hold out much hope of finding out who did it.
Our entire school budget is spoken for for next year, so here comes the crunch. I'm desperately trying to raise funds now so I come to you for ideas of how I can raise a bit of money!!!
We've done the usual sponsored events, we've had discos and shall do again, we have our school fete on July 3rd, I'm now doing a homemade fresh lemonade stall with all proceeds to the Sunshade Fund, but we really need ideas of other things I can do so we can get our shades back and show the buggers we won't be beaten down!!!
Any help is vastly appreciated!!"

I've decided to raffle off 'Bobby Bones' - everyone liked him, so I'm hoping for a better response.

Please repost this, retweet it *whatever* - we need to raise nearly 4 grand for the school, and I can't think of any other way to help out.


*edit to add* Hi all...I'm the parent in question with my child at the school. Thank you so far for the thoughts and suggestions! Obviously the school have insurance, that was not the issue, nor the question asked, but there will be a shortfall as we added extra uv filtering at our own expense, and as each shade needs to be custom made, we need to raise funds *now* to put our orders in so the work can be carried out ASAP, hopefully in the upcoming summer break. The long process of insurance will eventually be resolved, and the schools coffers will be somewhat replenished, but hopefully by collecting ideas and awareness, we can help the children get back the shades they worked so hard to buy