June 16th, 2010

Things ticking over in my head

1. It's a good job I'm blissfully happy with Ian, or the news that Charlie Brooker is engaged to Konnie Huq would be devastating. It's hard to believe someone so relentlessly perky could make someone so curmudgeonly as Brooker happy, but then again we have to remember that Huq was the person who carried the Olympic torch and got roughed up by someone. Having said that, has anyone seen a photo of them together? Could it be some sort of Newswipe article Brooker is making? Maybe I'm cynical.

2. I am far too partial to chocolate eclairs - not the cakes, the toffee things. I fear my teeth might fall out quite soon.

3. I've been ridiculously busy this week, but not earning money.
a. Monday I learnt about marketing, and target groups - having done market research on my sales statistic, my average buyer is 24, female, and wants stuff other people wouldn't want in a million years.
b. Tuesday I volunteered at PSL, de-rigging the exhibition (installing a new one next week) and spent about 2 hours picking vinyl lettering off a wall, and then packing teapots into a box.
c. Today I went to Leeds market and spent some time on the stall with the most bizarre woman - she told me the other stall holders hate her because she doesn't like football, and then shouted 'wankers' at the top of her voice.