June 15th, 2010

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I'm sorry I freaked out the other day. turns out it was PMS. why it makes me so angry and mad at myself, i have no idea. I didn't even realise until I cried my eyes out all the way through Glee this morning.

I've been making loads of stuff, absolutely tons of it. I didn't have a lead to get the pictures off the new camera, so it's all been building up. it's all here if you have any interest - http://community.livejournal.com/thriftstoreuk/22787774.html

I've done my homework of taking 100 photos of stuff which interests us. I have about 600, but i've narrowed it down. i'm going to upload the 100 to a special set on flickr (it's still doing it, so i'll edit in the link in a minute) http://www.flickr.com/photos/peskychloe/sets/72157624156774907/

Overall, I'm happy in my work - I'm getting better at drawing, I like the stuff I make, and i sell a bit, so some people somewhere must also like it. I'm doing lots of different voluntary work, and I have a fantastic supportive husband who makes sure we always have a roof over our heads and food. I really shouldn't complain. And yet i still do.

I'm having another tattoo on thursday - i know kim can't afford to pay me, so i'm getting payment in tattoos. I've decided that as i never wear jewellery, i'm going to get a charm bracelet tattooed on my wrist, and then add tattooed charms to it when i decide what i'm after. crap idea, or decent enough?