June 8th, 2010

ebay is rubbish part 3,672

1. I sold a camera which has a slightly dodgy LCD screen. Sometimes it comes on, sometimes it starts up with lines across it which go away after a second, sometimes after 30 seconds. Otherwise it's brilliant, boxed, and has all the accessories. I put all this information in the description, and started it at 99p. I thought this was fair. Someone bid up to £20 for it, which I thought was fair enough (it's a good fucking camera). He then complained when he got it, saying the LCD didn't work at all. I was very apologetic, and said he could have a refund. It took him 10 days to send it back, during which time my paypal account has been completely frozen. It arrived today, and it works PERFECTLY. I also noticed the memory card is full, so I looked at it, and it has photographs of his house and family on the internal memory. I've offered him a refund of the £20, but not of the postage amount as well as he's demanding. I'm really pissed off.

2. I sold a working massager in a box which is scuffed. I said in the description the massager was working even though the box was scuffed. I got neutral feedback today because the massager is working but the box is scuffed.