May 21st, 2010

some random things of interest

My hair is like a fucking bird's nest it's so humid. You know that episode of Friends where they go to that thing where Ross does a speech and Monica's hair goes mad? that's what I look like, only it's shorter... and pink....

I did the charity shop window with a pink theme this morning - I am surely queen of the shop window, because every time I do, at least 5 things get sold in 30 minutes. Sometimes the shop just doesn't realise what it has, and then they make a big deal out of stuff which no one is going to bother with in a million years. They priced a Paul Frank size 10 vest at 79p and put it with the children's clothes, and then priced an old pair of walking sandals at £6.99 - I don't care if they are Clarks, they're rubbish.

This weekend we are somehow free. I feel a bit weird about that.

I really want some gin and tonic.

There was a fox in our garden last week, curled up like a cat. I took a photo of him just after I made a 'pwt pwt' noise - you know, the one you make at cats to get them to look at you. what IS that noise?

I've been discharged from community mental health for not being bonkers enough. I filled in 3 questionnaires, and my paranoia, delusions and rituals are completely normal, and this is how I will have to live the rest of my life.