May 3rd, 2010


Ok, I'm having a raffle to raise funds for Ovacome!

Entry is £1 (at least, you can give more) and everyone who enters will get a greeting card as a prize. The prizes below will be distributed in order of names pulled out of the hat.

1. Life is like a Big Canvas paperback book

2. Twin cat paintings

3. shark pin badge

4. Cupcake Hairclip

5. Small blue sock monster

6. Those Ralph Kidson zines which didn't get given away last month

I've chosen these as they're cheap to post. Each one is worth more than a quid, obviously, so you're getting a bargain.

This raffle will run for the whole of May, so I'm sorry if you get sick of me plugging it. HOWEVER I thought it was the cheapest way for people to get stuff, and also a good way to get funds for Ovacome, with everyone getting a prize.

Please repost, retweet WHATEVER to get this going better than the last one.

Click here to donate - please make sure your address is included (it usually is with Paypal) and that you donate at least £1 - if you want to enter and donate less, that's fine, but I won't be able to send you a greeting card.

photos from GAM's party

Great Aunty Mary was 80 in February, but she had her party yesterday. I took over 200 photos for
her, but you won't recognise anyone in them, so here's the ones I like best

GAM's 80th party 224

This is GAM - she's a really lovely woman, and I'm not just saying that because she might read this. She's the most honest, genuine person I've come across, like most of Ian's family to be honest, and there was lots of love in the room.

all photos are here -

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