April 16th, 2010

Things I need to do

1. a blog feature on Bel
2. a blog feature on kittypinkstars
3. Find more people to do blog features on (not a priority)
4. photograph the new stuff I made and put it on the website
5. put stuff which isn't on etsy onto etsy
6. tidy up the study AGAIN
7. send stuff back to ASOS
8. photograph clothes to sell
9. finish off online mystery shopping survey
10. then do some work on AQA

Being self-employed is still exciting. However, it's also exhausting, because I can't just think 'oh i can't be bothered to make anything else' because really I should be making stuff all the time during my nominated working hours. I decided that I need a timetable, so I'm going to work that out in my head over the weekend, as well as doing all the things on the list above.

My first pannier market is next Saturday. I'm excited but not sure how it's going to go. It's going to either be the most amazing thing ever, or a complete waste of time.

banners and flashing gif

I'm honoured that people have asked for a banner for their website. These are the ones rumantic made for me

Collapse )

There's also this funny flashing gif dont_letme_fade made for me for Heidi's site

You're welcome to save them from here and upload them to your site. I don't have loads of bandwidth on photobucket, so you can't hotlink i'm afraid.

The website address is http://www.lifesbigcanvas.co.uk

Let me know if you add me to your site, and I'll put you on my links page as a thank you.