April 13th, 2010

clothing woes

oh first world problems...
I'm sick of all my clothes. Like every single item.
I might go ahead and do what I've always said I'm going to do eventually, and get rid of everything and then buy 7 things the same. it eliminates thinking about what to wear, and I think I could live in a dress/tunic and trousers every day. I've already ordered 2 dresses and 2 skinny jeans in the sale from asos curve (i've never worn skinny jeans, but they were cheap and seemed a good alternative to the jeans which won't stay up because i have my dad's figure, and leggings which are not flattering to my knees) and i think i may get rid of everything else.
The more i think about it, the more appealing it is.
anyway, what i'm actually here for is to ask what you would think if you saw someone wearing the same dress every day - would you assume they were filthy? i'd be washing it inbetween wears and everything, but although i don't worry about what people think, i do worry what they think if they're thinking i don't wash.