April 9th, 2010

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting dearrose - she'd agreed to let me have her old portfolio, and as she lives in Leeds, I went over to pick it up. Her living room is amazing - she has a kodak brownie, and other exciting vintage cameras, on her mantelpiece. She made me a lovely cup of tea, and told me the names of photographers I should look at. Meeting online friends in real life is awesome, I want to do it more!

I also went to Matalan, to get ian new pillowcases and tracksuit bottoms, and I highly recommend if you like Toy Story, you also go. I got a pair of mens' pyjama bottoms COVERED IN THE ALIENS for £9. I'm going to wear them as leggings under a skirt. They go from a small to XXL, and don't have a nob opening, so they're unisex really.

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They also had superman and other comic print stuff. I bought ian some boxers covered in 'POW' speech bubbles. How awesome.