March 31st, 2010

failed ice cream

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Crap night's sleep - Ian was sick every hour. Neither of us got any sleep, and this morning he begged me not to go to college. He never asks me to stay home, so when he does, I know he's proper ill.

So today, in my continuing project of watching every episode of every classic comedy series I've never really found funny (Mighty Boosh and Black Books already under my belt) I'm watching Seinfeld which I borrowed off Elliot.

skeleton continued

The doctor has been out, and says it's nothing serious. Ian's stopped vomiting at least, and is getting some sleep. It's not easy to not be concerned when your husband's teeth are chattering while he's being sick.

Anyway, I managed to make the skeleton's legs.

image 057

You can see the scale on this photo a bit better. That's a normal chair (and a pillow I made from a t-shirt) I can't wait to see how I'm going to make the ribs. My head hasn't worked it out yet.

image 054

Also, I got the violet hairdye from fuckthediet and got excited and dyed my hair blonde. Some of the magenta from before went paler pink, some hair went yellow, some orange, some stayed brown. I put the violet on top, and it didn't take everywhere. Consequently, my hair is a bit of a ridiculous mixture of colours, which everyone thinks is on purpose. This pleases me.

image 029

I just wish it was in better condition. My tip for looking after your hair if you can't afford conditioner? Hand cream smothered on wet hair.