March 24th, 2010

custom work being done!

I realised I might have said I wasn't doing custom orders, and didn't redact that. I know it might not be of interest to anyone, but just in case you'd been wanting something made and didn't want to ask, I'm gladly doing custom work of the following

1. soft monsters - out of socks, whatever

This is the one I made my nephew - it does have arms even though they aren't that visible. See, they aren't all weird....

2. paintings - whatever you're after, but i have some of those 8" square canvases around
3. cards

I also found 4 children's books, if anyone still wanted to buy one of them.

a locked entry after that unlocked one about custom orders

There's a reason for saying I'm doing custom orders.

i went to the job centre today. For some obscure reason, I'm no longer eligible for JSA. I was on contribution based jsa, because i've been working for the last 12 years. After 6 months that stops and you have to try for income based jsa, which the man at the job centre thinks i won't be eligible for because ian is on benefits as well. so that's it. i am not ill enough to be on incapacity, have had 6 months of jsa, and now i'm not getting anything.

Obviously they have seen the extravagant lifestyle we live in - ie selling everything i own in order to eat, and making things out of recycled stuff so i can sell it and buy materials for my art course.

My only option is going self employed. Man at job centre said I can get £50 a week for 4 months if i go self employed. Hopefully by the end of july i should have got my arse in gear and be making enough each month to cover the food bills. I need to make sure i book plenty of craft fairs and make stuff to sell at them, and keep all my receipts and everything

For someone trying to avoid stress, this seems an odd choice to make, and an even odder piece of advice to be given by a professional

edit to add - i've got an appt with the disability employment advisor so don't worry I'm checking all my options