March 1st, 2010

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My head is all over at the minute.
I think I'm volunteering tomorrow, but I have no idea where PSL is. *edit* it's on the waterfront, so it's superly easy to get to on the bus. hooray, i don't have to find a car park

I'm either unable to stay awake, or I'm hyper hyper CAPSLOCK and annoying. This could be lack of nicotine (I'm trying to give up again), my period, my meds, or possibly the state of my mental health. who knows? I do have an appointment for an assessment in April though, so maybe we might have some answers then. - I cleared out my stuff today, so if you do crafts and are not on TSUK and want anything, let me know. I'm giving 50% to Ovacome, and the other 50% is going in my bank account because I have no fucking money - the reason I have no fucking money is because I do stuff like give 50% to Ovacome. 'nice people = poor people' as Laura says

While i'm here, let's post my etsy mini

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