February 27th, 2010

Life at the minute is up-tiddly-up-up

So mostly, life is good. It would be perfect if I could get paid for doing the things I'm doing, and didn't end up passing out from giddiness, but there we go.

I had a very manic day on thursday - i made a doll without a face, stole someone's car keys and hid it in their car, and then panicked about them being mad. I got home and cried. Then friday I slept all afternoon. i don't care what the GP says, this is definitely hypermania.

Friday morning I volunteered at a charity shop on the till. Volunteers get 50% staff discount, so while I was culling the toys, i found lots of things to buy, and came home with loads of shit for £3.

Next week I'm volunteering in a gallery painting a wall and handing out flyers. I don't know how I feel about this.

Also my tattooing friend Kim is opening a tattoo shop (I know, how awesome) and has asked if I want to help out - so when it's open, I'm going to be a sort of artist in residence, and do my homework at her shop, whilst answering the phone and getting free tattoos. ian is terrified I'm going to end up looking like Kat von Dee.

in amongst all this shit, I'm still doing homework, looking for part time work which actually pays, and making stuff to sell online to make money. This is not going altogether well, as I've sold one painting since christmas. Need more card parties and craft fairs.

Maaya at college is possibly the most irritating person I've ever met. I got the red mist on Thursday, and muttered 'fucking bitch, fucking cow, so fucking stupid' etc for about 20 minutes. Luckily for her, AM calmed me down, or she would be dead now. Possibly. She was reading the exam question out loud for fuck's sake.