December 30th, 2009

The Woods visited today...

it was a sort of bonus that they arrived with the weather - yesterday we chatted on the phone and Kim and I were more or less resigned to them not coming. Jessica was already crying about not seeing us. Luckily it didn't snow, and they turned up well on time at 12pm.

I love it when children get to the age where they run through the door and fling themselves at you. Jessica, Grace (both 8) and Emily (5) are all like their mum, and the soppiest kids I've ever met. They just want to hug you all the time, which is lovely for about an hour, and tiring after that, and then lovely just before they go.

Grace came to look at my 'studio' - she's really into drawing and painting, and wants to do what I do when she grows up. She even said she wants to go to my school when she's my age. I didn't have the heart to tell her she could go a lot younger than me. Grace and Jessica think I'm younger than Kim, even though they know we went to school together. Jessica is becoming musical, and got a keyboard for christmas - she was pleased that I used to play the keyboard, as it means they both have something in common with me. They really do make me feel very special.

Emily is still a lovely little weirdo though. She gave Ian his present, then laughed like a loon, and said 'you can't open it can you?' in a totally innocent voice. She also likes everything. Apparently she talks to Kim while Kim's getting dressed and says 'i like your boobies... I like your bra... I like your knickers'. She's a lovely child to have sitting on your knee, as she talks non stop, strokes your hands and hair, and if you dare to move your hand off her leg, she moves it back. She also said to me 'Why has Michael Jackson got children in his video, he didn't like children', which was an odd thing, with no answer I could possibly give her really. I just said 'oh i think he did, he had a fun fair'. She also said to Ian 'I used to be scared of you, didn't I, but I'm not any more, cause you're just like everyone else' and then turned to me and said 'But if his head is itchy you have to scratch it don't you?' - out of the mouth of babes, eh?

When it was time to go, they didn't want to leave, mainly because Tiddles hadn't sat on Grace's knee, only on Jessica's. This is mainly because Jessica is calmer, whilst Grace is a bit energetic. Children don't seem to understand that to get a cat to like you, you have to basically ignore them until they're ready.

I got a lovely 'Paint your own Kokeshi' set and some cat shaped highlighter pens, and Ian got a stuffed meerkat toy and some candy cane shot glasses - these are from Poundstretcher if you're interested, and I can't wait to use them.

*edit* I only took one bloody photo - fail

wigs 020

ian nicked my slanket so i now have a red one. we bought it for someone for christmas, and they didn't deserve it.


I rejigged my dread wig, and I'm much happier, but Ian still thinks I look like Predator.

wigs 008

wigs 019

Then I got bored, and put in all my hair clips at once.

wigs 001

wigs 002

wigs 007