December 26th, 2009

a merry boxing day

I hope everyone had a good christmas. ours was sort of uneventful, and yet fueled with ridiculous panic, pacing around and a eventual niceness.

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At 12pm Ian made the executive decision that 2 more hours of this was something even he couldn't cope with, rang his mum, and said he'd like the lift from keith if that was still ok. as soon as we rang her, I was able to sit down and put some make-up on.

keith arrived bang on 2pm in our old van (which they bought), and we got ian in. unfortunately the lift wouldn't go back under the van, probably because it hadn't been used for ages, and keith hadn't checked it. my heart lifted for a moment thinking it would mean we still couldn't go, but then i remembered that if the lift wouldn't go back in, then ian couldn't get out of the van, and keith couldn't drive it away. slight panic as keith threw the controls on the floor and started swearing, but then stu did something, either kicking it, or jumping on it, i'm not sure, and it went in.

It was actually quite nice. As usual it was the "McGenn freeforal" when opening presents. I like to watch everyone open them, and wait to open ours afterwards. Janet always comes over and 'helps' by tearing the paper of ian's quickly. My favourite moment was when she opened a gift from rob and sarah for ian, which was an oil drizzler. we'd already decided not to buy each other gifts, just something for Owen, so I was saying to sarah 'oh you shouldn't have, we didn't get you anything, you're so kind' while ian was saying how lovely it was (well acted as it's not something he'd really like, but he's very polite) and sarah was looking a bit puzzled, which we took as rob doing the buying and wrapping of ian's gift. Then Jan re-read the gift tag, and in her hurry to open fucking everything within 5 seconds, she'd misread Jan as Ian, and the gift was actually for her. All dues to all of us for being so polite, but especially to Sarah for not immediately saying 'actually that's for jan'

Janet is really good at choosing gifts though - she gave me my birthday present, which she'd seen in a magazine in france, and asked someone in england to go and buy me from marks and spencer - it's a liquorice allsort shaped pot filled with allsorts. I was really touched. Then for Christmas I got a polaroid pogo printer - I'd been playing with rob's the other week and saying how much i liked it, so i think either him or Ian must have told jan. Unfortunately it doesn't work with an iphone, because apple haven't done something they need to do with bluetooth profiles (something to do with Obex) but i won't tell her that, and just hope a software update comes up with a way for it to work. inbetween the main course and pudding, the mcgenns always have the christmas 'pie', which is a box with gifts in it tied to ribbon with your names on them, which you all pull out at once. I think Grandma Shap started the tradition when the boys were little. Ian got some of those elvis sunglasses with sideburns attached, and i got a box of pop tarts - neither Ian nor myself know why btw.

Straight after lunch, I fell asleep on the sofa, as I'd had a glass of wine. Instead of people talking about how strangely I eat, apparently they discussed how quickly I fall asleep, which isn't quite so bad I suppose. I woke up for coffee, with gingerbread syrup which stu got for us, and then we watched Owen playing with his remote control car.

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at 6.30 he drove us back, and the road had started icing over. i was really glad i wasn't driving. Ian went straight to bed as he'd been up for a while, and I had another pimms and lemonade, and tried to relax. Thought Royle Family was awful, and Gavin and Stacey very disappointing. Ended up going to bed at 10.30 and listening to an old Ricky Gervais podcast while we went to sleep.