December 24th, 2009


holly, crafting and beneath a steel sky

she didn't come back from the vet i'm afraid. Ian came with me, he doesn't usually, and it was horrible seeing his bottom lip quiver. The vet was lovely, and after we'd said goodbye and signed everything and she started taking her away, she made holly wave her paw, and said 'goodbye, people, thank you for looking after me for all these years'. Ian and I were both pretty choked up.

We went for lunch afterwards to Casbah; it seems we only ever go for lunch there when I'm in tears, but they serve the best sandwiches and coffee in the area. Massive turkey and stuffing ciabatta and amaretto (fake) latte later, and we wandered round complaining about the art in the Smart gallery - no Govinders, and lots of terrible pottery.

The afternoon as pretty sad obviously, as Ian was having a lie down, and the lack of Holly wheezing was noticeable. To keep myself busy I...

1. made some candles - 6 which stand up with wicks, 5 floating ones, and a couple in ramekins to see how they turned out - made some more today using mince pie cases and more ramekins, as well as a shot glass and a trifle dish. i sense a new business opportunity for craft fairs

2. knitted an extension to my scarf - i am NOT a good knitter, but it keeps my hands going - i'm now out of wool and have a very odd scarf

3. painted some salt dough stars i'd made and forgotten about - they're very glittery and blue, but i have no idea what i'm going to do with them

4. made some very odd monster things out of foam clay, and drew on them - they'll probably never see the light of day, because even ian was a bit freaked out by them

5. I also did some laundry, cleaning and tidying, and general arsing about

For tea, we ordered a takeaway, as we haven't had one for a while. Then just afterwards he felt weird. We talked about how he felt and it sounded like a migraine, so he had one of my migraine tablets and went straight to bed at 8pm. This was quite nice, as I carried on knitting, and then played 'Beneath a Steel Sky' on iPhone. It's a point n click game we played on PC years ago, and it's nice playing it again. Hopefully Lucasarts will bring out more of their old games on the iPhone: Monkey Island is available, and I think I saw Sam n Max, but I'd love to play Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango again.