December 23rd, 2009

cashback sites

We have basically paid for Christmas with money earned through cashback, survey sites, mystery shopping and AQA.

This is 6 months, with cashback sites earning 10% on things we were buying anyway, and 1 penny daily clicks, as well as surveys worth about 10p-£3, and mystery shopping assignments worth £3 here and there - and of course, AQA at 30p a question. When I mention this to people, they say they can't be bothered doing stuff for such a little amount, but in the last 6 months, we've covered the cost of christmas by saving up any money we've earned and taking it all out in December.

Cashback sites

Cashback Cascade £15
Cashback Xtreme £15
Cashback Chief £15
Fat Cheese £80
Quidco £90
Voucher Extreme £5


Lightspeed £23
Ipsos £10
Pinecone £12

Mystery shopping

Gapbuster about £60
Edigital about £200

AQA £18

Grand total for online 2009 - £533

presents total - £332
christmas cards and postage - £120
extra christmas food - £80

Grand total spent on Christmas - £532

leaving a whole £1 leftover, I was also very close to getting £15 from Toluna, but unfortunately was just a few points short.

If anyone wants to do this for next year, give me your email address and I'll invite you - you get extra stuff for joining when you're referred, and of course you earn stuff for referring people yourself.

*edit* I forgot I also got a bag of cadbury treat size bars a couple of months ago through Free Snax, and Ian got a £10 shopping voucher (which we've already spent) for joining a bingo site.