December 22nd, 2009

failed ice cream

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We're taking Holly to the vet tomorrow. We can't bear to see her struggling any more. We also thought we might as well just get this week good and properly fucked up.

I think next year we might have Christmas in January and just forget about December. I'm serious. I think I'm going to volunteer at a soup kitchen next year on Christmas day

merry christmas

Sorry my latest posts have been so miserable and everything. I know i'm being miserable with reason, but you don't all need to hear it. instead, here's a treat from 2006 when i scanned in all my old poetry. Some of you won't have seen this, but think of it as my gift to you at this seasonal time.


That star's dazzling me mum
I think it's really dumb
To have my birthday at Xmas
I'd like it in June, but alas
The star will not come out at summer
It really could not get dummer (sic)
That star gets me sick to the teeth
Chop it down with a corn sheath *
Oh dear mum, oh dear mother
I would like a baby brother
At least 1900 years old 
Because I'm, I'm... 1985 cold **
The lambs, the gold, the frankincense and myrrh
And the baubles on the fir
So please mother, kill me please
And chop down those fir trees! 

* I think i mean a scythe but it didn't rhyme...
** i was obsessed with the idea that jesus was the same age as the year, which is handy because it dates this poem I hope you can see from this picture that Mary is saying 'You shall have a bottle of myrh for birthday and xmas pressie' to which Jesus is complaining 'but Mam!' - i used to think having a birthday on xmas day was terrible for presents, but then again it was 1985 and i was only 10