November 29th, 2009

(no subject)

I feel weird today. I've been doing homework, but i can't stop things falling out of my head. I've made all sorts of weird egg and nest stuff today, and been scrawling in my notebook, and i'm still shivering and bristling with stuff. i've been holding my jaw stiffly for a couple of days, and consequently i have a headache. i was photographing the cat's fur and thinking of getting the vet when we take her to be put down (which in itself is an odd thought) to let me have holly's ear to use in my art. oh and i permanently have a pencil behind my ear.

I feel exactly like i did last year when i was on prozac, when i told the doctor i was manic and he disagreed. I even scratched my arm the other day, for no apparent reason.

I'm sure mania can't be a seasonal thing, can it?