November 26th, 2009

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Had a great day at college. I can say this here, because I never feel like a big head, but my 3D teacher fucking loves me. I made a wooden box today with plasticene cupcakes in it, and even though he hates my cupcakes usually, he went mental about how great it was, and kept picking it up and looking at it. I also stuck some lolly sticks together with glue gun, and he went a bit crazy for that as well. He says my sketchbook is exemplary and he wants to use it to show people what a good sketchbook looks like. very pleased i didn't leave, and also glowing a bit with the praise.

if you're not on facebook, i put photos of my wooden box on there. they looked like nipples, and i was looking at an Anish kapoor sculpture which looked like vaginal lips, so i made a vagina out of felt. he loved that as well. My project started off with eggs and cakes, but it's going into motherhood now obviously. mums bake cakes - this is how i'm going to get round the sexuality angle and focus on the motherly/feminine side. When he looked through my sketchbook he thought something I'd done was a knuckleduster dripping with sperm. I'm a bit worried about what he thinks goes on in my head.

I told him how frustrating I find college, and he understood. He told me in future to just carry on doing what i'm doing because i'm 'too inventive and exciting to restrain' *beams*

*edit* here's the photos. also my favourite quote of the day was 'oh no! i've stuck my vagina to the board with hot glue!'

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