November 25th, 2009

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I went to college today. It was awesome. We did peer review, and had to mark 4 other people's sketchbooks. The funny thing is that our marking of other people's work is also marked and goes towards our grade, and some people only did 2 sketchbooks. I ended up doing 7 just to make sure everyone had 4 comments. I don't understand our class sometimes.

I got 4 excellents, which means a pass with distinction if the tutor agrees. Looking at other people's sketchbooks very good for ego, as no one else had really annotated anything, and mine is covered in sprawling writing. Someone asked what I was doing today, and AM said 'she's spilling her brains on her paper as usual' which is such an EXCELLENT way of talking about what I do.


AM - still stupendously awesome. Has started calling me Baggins. Tells everyone what she thinks, good or bad, and doesn't care if she's unpopular for it. Consequently, she is very well-liked, especially by me.

Crystal - more paranoid than me. yes really. thinks everyone thinks she's done anything wrong. Her work is mental as well - her sketchbook is full of poetry she's written, and has a coke bottle full of letters hanging out of it ('bottling up emotions' it's called)

Kathryn - came to the museum and made fossils with her children, and since then we've been friendlier. Came to try and find me when i had a panic attack. One of those people you can tell to 'fuck off' without her getting upset.

Kim - Did my tattoo. Her sketchbook was amazing, the best one I looked at, full of tattoos and very fine drawings. Has a very cute cat, and a friendly boyfriend, and I very much like her.

Paul - Having a bad time at home this month, cause 3 family members are ill. Still smiles and comes in every day. Still not really enjoying anything, but he has started drawing trains and horses now so he's got something in his sketchbook

Sara - got annoyed at someone the other day because they suggested her and paul had gone off to a hotel to have sex, when they were actually just in the pub. also got annoyed because she didn't drink last thursday as we were in the workshop and then we couldn't use it, so it was a wasted lunchtime

Bez - the neatest person I've ever met - loves perpendicular lines and graphic design. Has been playing COD MW2 ever since it came out, and wants to make fruit shaped furniture

Maaya - totally drinking my energy and enthusiasm. Doesn't listen to anything any teachers say and asks me all the time to show her, and then doesn't listen to me either. Wants to get something printed before christmas, and she's still cutting out the stencil after 4 weeks

Gemma - Whinges too much. Wants constant reassurance and sympathy, even though half the time she's just hungry or hungover. Her sketchbook has hardly anything in it except photos of someone off One Tree Hill - not sure how this fits the brief.

Malackey - drew on the windows in glue gun - hasn't owned up to this. still a nice bloke, but keeping my distance from him a bit

Andy - still a pain in the arse. made me so angry last week i had a panic attack.

Aaron - more intelligent than he allows himself to be because he hangs around with malackey and andy.

Dale - I don't think I've even seen him since the last BB round-up

Bernadette - still quiet, but has been talking a lot about her lesbian squash group. found out why she wears blue glasses, but have immediately forgotten the name of the condition. it's something to do with light. she tells people she's dyslexic usually because she says it's easier

Mark - the new psychotic bloke. Since he got told to calm down, he's been a lot calmer. very opinionated though, and often butts into your conversations.

and of course, me. Think they just think i'm a bit of a workaholic