November 19th, 2009

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earlier on today I thought about leaving college. I'm losing it with some of the other fucking students.

Yesterday we had the print room all to ourselves after a few weeks of not being able to use it. Everyone had been moaning about how they couldn't print, and how they wanted to get their work finished before handing it in.

at 10am, 2 of us were in there. It was such a waste of resources. More people dripped in and out, but basically it was a waste of the room. Then the print technician tried to help Crystal, and they ended up having a row.

Today crystal was just going on and on and ON about it all day. Then I had the health and safety induction I missed last thursday, which Maaya kept interrupting. Then I went to the plaster casting room, and Andy, aaron, malakai and maaya were in there. I took some stuff to the little room next door, and maaya fucking followed me. She wouldn't shut up and was doing my head in.

So then I heard all this laughing, and maaya went to see what was going on. I looked in the door and saw andy with a hot glue gun in his hand. I ignored it. Then when they'd gone, i went and looked, and there was writing all over the window in hot glue, including 'andy' clearly written

I knew there was an open evening tonight, so I went backwards and forwards about whether to say anything. eventually I went and found the technician and told him someone had put glue on the windows. I didn't mention any names, and asked steve not to tell anyone i told him.

After lunch, he had a go at us all, and said we were no longer allowed to work in the workshop unsupervised. We now have to go and ask permission. He and the tutor were furious, as they should be. they asked andy if he'd done it, and he said he hadn't, but he knew he had, and wouldn't grass on them

Then maaya told everyone that she saw me go to steve's room before lunch - i told her it was to get a G clamp which seemed to shut her up. Andy just wouldn't tell anyone who did it, so now we're all still in trouble. He kept saying he wouldn't drop someone in it, especially when they were talking about expelling the person who did it.

I got angry, and said 'so for the sake of dropping one person in it, you're going to jeopardise 12 people's chances of doing well?' - he said yes, so i told him to just not expect people not to be pissed off with him. I was getting to be so angry i was starting to shake, go cold and felt like crying.

i went to the toilet, and when i came back, they were all still arguing. so i picked up my stuff, and stormed out, and had a panic attack in the car. I was finding it hard to breathe, and i was paranoid that andy was going to come out and thump me or something.

came home, decided to leave college and went to bed

an hour later, i told ian all about it, and he got so angry, it made me feel better again immediately. anne-marie is pleading with me not to leave as everyone else is a twat at the minute.

i'll keep you posted on whether i go back or not