November 4th, 2009

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Hello - If you don't know already (like if you don't use facebook) I'm back!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes - it wasn't a great day yesterday, as you may already know, as Uncle Bill died at 5am. My dad phoned on my mobile in Stansted at 9am, and I just knew something was wrong. He'd been wondering whether to tell me or not, but I'm glad he did, as I was planning to phone Auntie Sis as soon as I got a decent signal (as a side note, is it just me, or is there absolutely no bloody phone reception in Stansted??).

My birthday consisted mainly of driving home, and then doing washing. Clouds had put up a big sign saying happy birthday and some balloons and cake, which made me ok for the rest of the night. We had a grocery delivery from Ocado, with a posh Waitrose ready meal, and then toasted Uncle Bill with some whisky. At bedtime, I fell apart a bit, and couldn't get to sleep until about 3am. The alarm went off at 7 for college, and I nearly didn't go. As it was, I got there early, but then came home after 30 minutes of crying every time someone spoke to me. I kind of feel bad that I'm uploading stuff to LJ and FB instead of being at college, but I'm ahead in Wednesdays lessons, so it's not too bad.

On a good note, the holiday was amazing. There were teething problems at the hotel, but all in all everything went so smoothly we kept having to pinch ourselves to see if it was real. I'll update once I've typed up my diary, but for now, have a crap video. It's mainly Ian saying thank you if you don't want to watch it, but I also fall off the bed near the end, so it might be worth a giggle.