October 20th, 2009

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I fucking hate the job centre. I filled out a form online, from which they phoned me and made an appointment. I went along and filled out another form because the online system wasn't working right. Two weeks later I attended and signed on. I rang thursday as I still hadn't got any money. They said they'd ring back. They still hadn't rung today so I rang them.

Both claims have gone missing so I need to fill one out again, as well as a special form because i won't be able to backdate it otherwise.

What the fuck is going on?


Picked up Holly. It's not bronchitis, but that's not much help cause it's cancer instead. It did make me feel better because there was nothing we could have done, so her saying this morning that she should have had cat flu boosters was just unnecessary 'owner baiting'.

Ian very upset - Holly is his favourite. I'm upset as well obviously, but when you get upset at running out of peanut butter, it's hard to tell what's going on.