October 7th, 2009

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urgh - college

the fashion student has left to return to fashion. however the dipshit loser (who answered the phone in the library and moans about everything) is winding me up so much today i think he's just an actor put there to drive me mental

today we were filling out these financial assistance forms to get some art materials, and i went through the price list and wrote down everything we should need, and made sure it added up to £200. most people grateful - dipshit says 'can't we just photocopy yours?' urm, no cause yours needs your name and details on it, not mine. I went up to the library before i shouted at him. at lunchtime i went to the other site and handed mine in, and picked up some more for everyone else. on the way back I handed one to him, and he says 'it's too big for my pocket, can you take it back to the classroom for me?' - deep breath. went back to classroom, put one on his desk. when he came back he picked it up and put it in his bag without saying thank you

my tutor is also winding me up. i asked for help at 2.30. i couldn't get the card reader to transfer my images from the camera i borrowed from stores, using the card reader from stores, and her macbook. the stuff from stores had to be back by 4pm. she said she'd help me when she'd had her tea. after her tea she was helping the lad with dyslexia - fair enough. after she helped him at 3.15pm, i asked her for some help, and she said she had to talk to someone who had to pick up their kids. fair enough i thought, although starting to get irritated. i went to the library to see if those computers would work better than the tutor's macbook, but it wouldn't transfer there either. then at 3.45, when she finished, i asked again, and she said she had to help someone else first because they were having trouble with their sketchbook. even though this girl is dyslexic, i felt she was taking the piss so i walked out. luckily the man in stores seems to like me, and let me bring the camera home, where i got them transfered within about 5 seconds.

so all in all, an annoying day. not sure the pastoral care i asked for from the college is forthcoming for me at the moment. dyslexia is, understandably, being well covered - being mental isn't.